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FAQ's & Support

1) How long does the whole process take? What will I be told during it?
  • The next working day after you upload the order we will send you a freepost jiffy bag (You get an email and text telling you this).
  • Royal mail should take 1-2 days to get it to you.
  • When you post it back to us FREEPOST can take anywhere from 1-5 days (Same with ALL Recyclers and FREEPOST).
  • As soon as it arrives we will tell you by email and text that the iPhone / iPad has arrived.
  • When it is tested we will email and text you telling you that it has passed / failed testing and that a cheque / bank transfer has been sent to you.- We aim to do this the SAME DAY THAT YOUR iPHONE / iPAD ARRIVES
  • We send all cheques by 1st Class Royal mail standard post (1-5 days).
  • Bank Transfers / BACS actually leaves our account when you get the payment text / email. It can be in your account within 2 hours but if you are with another bank or building society it can take up to 3 working days to actually reach your account depending on the way that that handle the payment, this is out of our control I am afraid.

Basically we aim to get your iPhone / iPad as quickly as possible from you, and pay you the same day that it arrives with us and it tested.

The ONLY other company that do this is Mazuma Mobile, the differance is we pay ALOT MORE than Mazuma Mobile for the same iPhone / iPad


iPhone 3GS 16GB - We pay £103, Mazuma pay £70! - YOU get £33 MORE
iPhone 3G 8GB - We pay £67, Mazuma pay £52! - YOU get £15 MORE
iPad 1 16GB Wifi - We pay £150, Mazuma pay £90! YOU get £60 MORE
iPad 2 3G Wifi 16GB - We pay £238, Mazuma pay £210 YOU get £28 MORE

(Prices correct on 1st July 2012)
2) How can iPhone Recycling pay so much for my iPhone / iPad when the market leaders pay so little?
Quite simple, as we refurbish and resell the iPhones / iPads we get in the UK market, we are able to pay more for the iPhones and iPads that we want. 99.9% of the "other recyclers" simply put them in a very large box and ship them to Africa or China to be reused out there.
3) Do you buy "stolen / barred / Blacklisted" mobile phones?
ABSOLUTELY NOT, we checkmend every iPhone / iPad we get, any found to be Stolen / Barred / Blacklisted will NOT be paid for. Your details will be passed to the Police and your iPhone / iPad WILL NOT be returned. The iPhone / iPads will remain with us and are available to the authorites if they wish to take them away for prosecution. We DO NOT sell these iPhones / iPads or export them.
4) How do I sell my phone to
On the homepage, put the model of your phone into the search box i.e 3G 8GB. When it finds the model simply follow the onscreen prompts.
5) What if my phone is Brand new Boxed or faulty can I still sell it to you?
Yes we accept all iPhones / iPads working or faulty. When you upload the phone it will ask you if it is working / faulty. If you upload it as working and it is faulty when we test it we will email and text you to tell you and to offer you a different amount. We also buy Brand New Boxed iPhones and iPads which are paid a lot higher than working, again just tell the website the iPad or iPhone brand new boxed when you upload it.
6) How many iPhones / iPads can I sell to you?
You can sell us as many iPhones and iPads as you have!
7) What do I need to send to you in order to get paid the full amount?
For Working, Faulty or Immaculate condition iPhones all we need the phone and battery to get the "working price". If you do have the Original charger or box simply select this option when you add your iPhone / iPad to the basket and it will offer your more money for your iPhone / iPad!

Brand new boxed iPhones or iPads need the origianl iPhone / iPad box and all the iPhone / iPad accessories it came with.
8) What is an IMEI number?
An IMEI is a 15 number "registration number" of a mobile phone. You can get it out of the phone by typing *#06# into the phone or by taking the battery out of the phone and looking on the label underneath.
9) Why do you need the IMEI?
It will speed up the payment process as we will be able to assign the iPhone / iPad to your account quicker. It also allows us to check the status of the iPhone / iPad via
10) How long is the price I uploaded the phone for valid, what happens if it goes down?
We will honour the price we have offered you for your iPhone / iPad for 14 days after you uploaded the iPhone / iPad. After that we reserve the right to lower the price to the current market value. So send them QUICKLY!
11) How do I send my iPhone/iPad to you?
ALL the information you need to send your iPhone / iPad to us is either emailed to you when you upload an order. It is also in the information pack that is sent to you within the FREEPOST JIFFY bag.
12) Do I need to pay for the postage?
No the postage to get the iPhones / iPads to us is FREE, We pay this for you. The only time you would have to pay a little bit is if you send them by recorded delivery (95p) or if you send them Special delivery insured upto £500(This way they are insured in the post to us. FREEPOST is NOT a trackable / Insured postal method.
13) Is FREEPOST secure and insured?
We use FREEPOST service from Royal Mail. It comes with a Certificate of Posting (CoP), make sure you fill it in and get it stamped from the Post Office and keep it safe. A stamped CoP will enable you to cover up to £39 in case of any loss.

For iPhones / iPads of value over £39, we strongly recommend you use Special Delivery from a Post Office, which will ensure cover of your iPhone / iPad in the event of loss up to £500.

In case of loss, to make a claim you will need to contact the Royal Mail on 08457 740 740 or visit to find out more.

However, we cannot be responsible, nor pay for any loss and damage, to iPhones / iPads within mail transit.

14) How do I know when you have my iPhone / iPad?
When a iPhone / iPad is received you are automatically emailed and text (To your registered mobile phone number) to tell you it has arrived. Please note though FREEPOST takes longer than normal post so please do not chase to see if you iPhone / iPad has arrived until 7 days after sending it.
15) How do I know when you have sent payment for my iPhone / iPad?
When we send you payment, you are automatically emailed and text to tell you this.
16) What happens if my iPhone / iPad is lost in the post? How do I get paid?
When you upload the order and on the emails you get you are told to get at least a proof of posting or pay a little bit towards getting the items sent by recorded / special delivery. How to send iPhones / iPads securely and insured is also included in the "How to" leaflet sent to you. So if a iPhone / iPad has been lost in the post after we have explained how to avoid this then I am afraid we are unable to pay you for any iPhone / iPad not arrived. By their own admission Royal mail lose 80 MILLION items a YEAR!
17) I sent my iPhones / iPad ages ago, why havent I been paid?
There could be several reasons for this:

1) The iPhone / iPad may be lost in the post, please check the tracking information on the iPhone / iPad you sent.

2) You may not have included the paperwork with your iPhone / iPad, so we have no idea who you are - Please email us with the iPhones / iPads IMEI number and tracking reference

3) We may have the iPhone / iPad and it was tested as faulty or an incorrect model. We will have emailed you information about this, please check your email (including your SPAM FOLDER!)

4) We will have emailed you to say a cheque has been sent, Royal mail would not consider this lost until 15 working days after sending. Please contact us after then if it has still not arrived.

18) BACS Payments times
Bank Transfers / BACS actually leaves our account when you get the payment text / email. It can be in your account within 2 hours but if you are with another bank or building society it can take up to 3 working days to actually reach your account depending on the way that that handle the payment, this is out of our control I am afraid.